Affordable data governance in a single cybersecurity dashboard!

Why DataWise?

Our cybersecurity dashboard, DataWise, has been designed and built to manage Data Protection in a single dashboard. It provides practical features and templates for data protection compliance, allowing organisations to automate and control many of the tasks required to comply with legislation like the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We have been busy behind the scenes developing an updated release of DataWise 2.0. The new update is mobile-friendly, simple to use and practical. The cybersecurity dashboard now features a comprehensive register of all your data assets, data processes and risks. Sign up for our newsletter to receive information on the release date!

Asset Register

A comprehensive register of all of your IT and data assets, data processes and flows, giving you a 360º view of your data processing activities including owner, location, security, controls, etc.

Activity Reports

DataWise enables activity reports to be generated to provide managers with a summary of all of the user activity on the system with ease.

Training & Awareness

A comprehensive log of all formal training and user awareness sessions you run, including dates, attendees and the material covered.

Risk Register

Details identified risks and their respective date, owner and risk rating, and provides a framework for Privacy Impact Assessments allowing you to demonstrate a risk-based approach to compliance.


A user- friendly workflow engine ensures comprehensive recording and a timely response for all FOI and Subject Access requests.

Incident Log

A log of security incidents and near misses, how they occurred, how they were dealt with, who was involved and so much more.

Other features include:

Task Reminders & Workflow

DataWise automatically reminds users to carry out tasks assigned to them. It also tracks what is done by who and crucially when.

Pre-Built Templates

Purpose-built templates include data sharing agreement, privacy impact assessment, due diligence questionnaire, and about 30 different policy documents.

Agreement Repository

A register of all of the agreements you have – who they are with, start/end dates, principal terms.

Resources Library

A library of resources – model contracts and policies, training materials, and much more.

Document control

A drop box of all your company policies, handbooks, procedures etc. when they were last reviewed and by whom, whether they are confidential or public.

Audit Schedule

A schedule of internal audits – audit scope, who audited, audit outcome, corrective/preventive actions, task management engine and workflow.

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