Specialists in Data Protection, Governance, and Security

We are specialists in Data Protection, Governance, and Information Security, helping organisations across Europe to secure their most important asset–their data. Our data protection and information security consultancy, managed services, and compliance management software provide organisations with confidence in their processes and technology, as well as independent assurance of their capabilities.

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GDPR Gap Analysis

High level Risk Assessment

“We help you understand your current risk”

Our gap analysis risk assessment aims to test how your organisation measures up against the requirements of various information governance standards including the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Act.  We will highlight areas of concern and even help you to implement our recommendations if needed.

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Deep Dive

Detailed Analysis of Your Data Processes

“Understand and document your data processes like never before”

Whilst our Gap Analysis is at a high level, we completely immerse ourselves in your data protection challenges in a deep dive.  Whether it’s mapping your customer consent data flows, risk assessing your outsourced data processing activities or even developing business continuity plans, we are here to help.

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Managed Service

Struggling to Manage Data Protection?

“Outsourced data protection”

If you don’t have the resources to give the data protection program the focus that it needs then maybe our flexible managed service is for you. Our in-house team becomes a part of your team and we will work with you to manage all or selective parts of your Data Protection program.

The service is backed up with a friendly help desk of trained experts on hand to provide an immediate response to any questions you have, helping you to achieve and maintain compliance with minimal hassle and stress.

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Data Protection in a single dashboard!

“Purpose built for managing data protection”

DataWise has been designed and built to manage data protection in a single dashboard. Originally built by the company’s founder, Philip Brining, DataWise provides practical features and templates for data protection compliance, allowing organisations to automate and control many of the tasks required to meet the Data Protection standard.

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Information Security

Simplified approach to compliance

“Providing you with advice, audit, and assurance”

Our information security services provide you with confidence in your processes, people, and technology. Our work includes PCI-DSS Compliance, ISO 27001 Support, Threat Assessment, Incident Response, and specialist advice on the new NIS Directive and Cyber Assessment Framework–all delivered by CESG Certified Consultants.