What is a Penetration Test?

A penetration test, delivered by a CREST or CHECK Registered Consultants, provides you with confidence in your corporate systems. It provides thorough and independent testing, that can identify software and configuration security vulnerabilities within your environment.

Internal Penetration Testing

The security consultant will attend your site, so they have internal access to your corporate network. This assessment will test your infrastructure and applications from within your network, simulating a malicious attacker’s access, once they are within your network. At the end of this assessment, you will receive a report detailing the security vulnerabilities that we have discovered, and an actionable plan to fix them.

External Penetration Testing

The security consultant will perform a remote penetration test of your Internet-facing infrastructure and applications, with a view to gaining unauthorised access to your systems. This type of assessment mimics an attacker’s external access, and provides you with a report that details your security vulnerabilities, and gives you an actionable plan for you to fix them.

Why Choose Us?

Our penetration testing partner, Pentest People, have a detailed working knowledge of infrastructure security issues, and their team has conducted penetration testing on a wide range of corporate infrastructure. They hold industry qualifications such as TigerScheme Team Leader, CHECK Team Leader, and Certified Information Systems Security Professional.