Incident Response

We provide a discreet Data Protection and Information Security response service, in the event that you have an incident. Our response services can help to limit the damage caused by an incident, by providing expert and independent investigation and remediation.

Our Methodology

When responding to an incident, our team works to discover its extent–including the identification of affected systems or assets. We then create an impact assessment, identifying operational, cost, and reputational issues. Finally, we help your team to mitigate the immediate impact of the assessment.

Our approach is in-line with industry best practice, and CREST working guidance on incident response, and consists of three stages:

Why Choose Us?

We have a detailed working knowledge of both critical national infrastructure issues, and the NIS Directive. Our team has conducted threat assessments, and incident response, for aerospace, shipping, and defence (including on the ground in Afghanistan). They hold industry qualifications such as CESG Certified Professional, Certified Information Systems Auditor, BSI Lead Auditor, and Certified Information Systems Security Professional.