Tailored Approach

Each engagement varies client to client depending on many factors. Contracts can be short or long and our role can be light touch or very hands on. Each contract is, therefore, flexible and tailored to address your specific Data Protection requirements. In any event, our team becomes your team.

Service Options

  • Developing an Information Governance and DP strategy
  • Drafting data sharing agreements with third parties
  • Taking day-to-day responsibility for DP compliance in client’s organisation
  • Answering information questionnaires from third parties
  • Writing up and helping to implement policies and procedures about a range of IG/ DP issues
  • Undertaking regular DP compliance checking through internal audit
  • Training staff
  • Attending meetings about data capture, data systems, etc
  • Providing professional expert support to existing in-house resources
  • Input into projects which may impact privacy
  • Responding to information disclosure requests
  • Carrying out information searches for subject access requests
  • Testing email unsubscribe processes
  • Creating and maintaining a log of IT and Data assets
  • Advising/ensuring that there is a vulnerability management program on IT
  • Checking that the organisational risk of data protection breaches is minimised
  • Keeping a watch over DP issues in the client’s industry
  • Maintaining oversight of the law, guidance, and cases which may affect our client

Complimentary DataWise Subscription

To support all managed service contracts Data Protection People provide a DataWise Subscription. DataWise has been developed in-house and provides complete transparency of all our managed service activity via a single management dashboard. You will have complete visibility of all our daily, weekly and yearly actions on demand.

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