Why consider a Gap Analysis Risk Assessment?

The purpose of the Gap Analysis is to identifying key areas of risk in relation to privacy and information rights law including the current Data Protection Act (DPA), Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR), Freedom of Information Act (FoIA), and the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

How does it work?

The gap analysis is designed to analyse and identify your company’s data protection posture and to then highlight obvious gaps and risks. We look at how likely you are to have an information breach and where it is most likely to come from.

Expert advice

The gap analysis exercise is conducted on site, typically for one day by a Data Protection expert. The consultant will assess your business processes against the current legislation and provide professional guidance and advice where risks have been identified.

Who should you involve?

Typically the process involves an initial workshop involving the consultant and key stakeholders within the business so that a thorough understanding of the data flows and risk can be obtained.

Consultant Report

After the initial assessment you will receive a professional report with our findings and recommendations. The report will include an easy to understand high level action plan allowing you to implement any recommendations quickly without our help. If necessary we can make a return visit to check on progress but either way our goal is to help you reduce your exposure as effortlessly and quickly as possible.

Action Plan

Our consultants will set out their recommendations and can create an action plan prioritising the order in which to tackle the tasks in hand.