Our data protection compliance audit provides a thorough, independent, rigorous impartial assessment of your compliance.

How does it work?

Our experienced data protection practitioner will request a handful of key documents in advance of a site audit to help them prepare.  They will attend your premises for at least two days and, through interviews, observation and review of records and documentation determine the compliance of your data handling operations.

The assessor will prepare a compliance report rating your work-practices against all aspects of the relevant data protection law, advising non-compliances and offering advice and recommendations for improvements.

Why choose us?

We are specialists in Data Protection and Information Security.  We operate across various business sectors in several countries and have a track record of providing invaluable expert advice, guidance and action.  Our team has decades of practical experience and a thorough understanding of what compliance looks like.  As our practice spans data protection and information rights law as well as cyber security, we are qualified to advise on a broad range of a matters.  Our people are respected and established leaders in their field of expertise.

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