Privacy Notice – Recording Webinars & Meetings

By Myles Dacres

So, we’re back in lockdown again and that means an increase in virtual meetings and webinars as we all do our best to adapt to the new environment.

At Data Protection People meetings are sometime recorded in order to enable minute takers to fulfil their task or to enable meeting participants (or non-attendees) to access a recording of a meeting.

There are a few forms of meetings that should not be recorded including:

  • meetings related to staff disciplinary or grievances
  • parts of assessment boards discussing individual Data Subjects in an identifiable way
  • meetings where participants have not consented to the recording and/or shown a privacy notice

Depending on how the meeting is held this may include the recording of audio or video of the attendees. Parts of that recording could count as personal data according to data protection laws. Personal data in recordings would include images of you (i.e. your webcam footage of you) and any opinions you contribute and anything you say about yourself.

We have created a general privacy notice that you can download and use next time you’re looking to record a session. Click the link below to download the PDF and either send it to participants before a meeting, or ask the presenter to display the notice and gain consent from everyone involved before beginning the recording!

Privacy information recording of webinars

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