Supply Chain Review

Our supply chain review service identifies data protection and information security compliance risks and gaps within your organisation’s supply chain of data processing and sharing arrangements.

Supply Chain Management Overview

As soon as you transfer personal data to a third party, you take on a compliance and information security risk that you need to ensure is adequately managed.

Supplier assurance

It is vital your company take steps to comply with GDPR as the GDPR legislation has led to increased penalties and the prospect of compensation for personal data breaches. These risks have naturally led to increased litigation in data supply chains where the blame for personal data breaches and security failings is pinned on the weakest link. You should undertake a supply chain review to ensure this is not your organisation.

You need to ensure that the processors you appoint and their sub-processors that you approve are reliable and safe to be trusted with your data. Our supply chain review service can provide that assurance. Getting it wrong can be costly.

Why choose us?

We are specialists in Data Protection and Information Security. We operate across various business sectors in several countries and have a track record of providing invaluable expert advice, guidance and action.  

Our supply chain review team has decades of practical experience and a thorough understanding of what compliance looks like.  As our practice spans data protection and information rights law as well as cybersecurity, we are qualified to advise on a broad range of matters.  Our supply chain review management consultants are respected and established leaders in their field of expertise.

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