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Outsourced DPO – AI in retail environments

Outsourced DPO The BBC ran an interesting story today about AI in retail environments which makes for interesting reading but probably nothing of any particular surprise.  We have known for decades about the Club Card and similar initiatives amassing tons of data to try to predict shopping habits on...
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Outsourced DPO – ignore the ICO at your peril

Studios MG, a small software development company was issued with a monetary penalty notice in the sum of £40,000 last month for sending unsolicited direct marketing materials by email with out consent.  Reading the ICO’s report(, it seems that SMG were not readily forthcoming in engaging with the ICO during...
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The Outsourced DPO – how not to chat someone up in 2020

Yesterday, a colleague sent the Outsourced DPO this link  Sure it happened in September so it may already be old news.  It reminded me of a case way back in 2011 (sometimes it pays to have been working in the field of data protection for decades!) in which...
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Outsourced DPO –Privacy by design and by default

Reading the ICO’s monetary penalty notice (MPN) served on Marriott one notes that the fine relates to infringements (Articles 32 and 5(1)(f)) of the GDPR between the dates of 25th May 2018 and 18th September 2018 despite the personal data breach occurring on-going from July 2014.  The MPN sets out...
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The Marriott Hotel Fined £18.4 Million

So, last week the ICO levied a fine of £18.4m on Marriott for a personal data breach affecting an estimated 339 million people over a 4-year period.  If you use the unorthodox method of evaluating monetary penalties of vP = n/F (the value of privacy is equal to the number...
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Manchester based company fined £250,000 for nuisance calls

A claims management company in Manchester has been fined £250,000 for making millions of nuisance calls The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has fined Reliance Advisory Limited (RAL) £250,000 for breaking electronic marketing law. The Bury-based company made 15.1 million calls in relation to claims management services such as mis-sold PPI....
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Track & Trace – Guidance

Organisations across the UK have been doing everything they can to keep the public safe, for many, this includes collecting customers and visitors personal information for the first time, to support various contact tracing schemes. While requesting contact details has been voluntary so far, new measures have been brought in...
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